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Fit in 7 months

I have just turned 40 and what a fantastic "number" that is! ; o)
Sadly, there are still many women who feel, as the saying goes, - forty, fat and finished.
Me ?? NO WAY?! Hell NO !! Well, I have heard the call to change and I hope all other women will also heed the message and take up the challenge for themselves
(come on now – you know you can ; o):
Honestly we can be our own worst enemies at times….. If we think constantly about it, let it take over our lives and even begin to believe it, what’s left but to get old: o)
In my universe that is soooooo wrong. 30, 40 ... and yes 50 are just numbers.
It’s our mindset that makes us who we are. Age means so little to me that sometimes I have inadvertently added a year or two to my age without even realizing it.!!!
Well anyway ... I love to try new things in life and set new goals for myself. And that’s why as my "40 - fit and foxy" self, I have decided to take part in Bikini Fitness 2014 Something, I have in all actuality, no clue about ; o) lol .... Although, I have, of course, a passionate interest in keeping myself fit and in good shape.
First I had to make a decision. Bikini fitness or running a marathon?. I can’t be bothered running ... not even to catch a bus. It’s just not me!!!
So…….dat da da daaaa…..!! Fitness it is. !!!! (Training and cardio about 15 hours per week) So here we go!!!
I have started slowly. (Ca.5-8 hours per week) Sunday 18th January, I had my first workout with Birgitte. ( Whilst we starting out with a basic warm up , Birgitte introduced me a few new and different exercises, and soon I found myself being baptized in some new exercises called ... egyptian and Bulldogs ??? –
(I will get around to posting these up one day ) I have to tell you… I looked hilarious ....!!! In the beginning, I trying to be inconspicuous, hiding in the corners of the fitness center. It reminded me of back in the day when mobile telephones came on the scene and how when they rang, you stood there in horror looking for the closest closet or doorway to run to whispering softly “hello: o)?, well… that was me. Diving off into the corners, anytime there were people around. That’s something I’m sure us “young ones” remember well. Back then it was embarrassing when the phone rang out in the open and conversations were especially something that you didn´t want to share….. Today, I am so over it. It is like the rules have been changed. "People" can think what they like. I am here to work ... whether it is in my grungy or fun versions ; o) My plan is to stick to a healthy diet for the first 3 months.
This will be combined with a “detox cleanse” (read about that in my blog/diet and food) to strip the body of unnecessary fats which can be found around the vital organs.
. This consists of a simple structured meal plan, combined with supplements and 1 meal replacement bar with either a brownie or lemon flavor. Meals are divided into 5 portions spread throughout the day where I will eat a portion of normal food in the form of proteins and a small amount of greens. Snacks will consist of almonds or the like. During the first 15 days, there is also a powdered beverage to be drunk first thing in the morning. It tastes like havrefras (a Danish breakfast cereal made from Oats) just in a diluted drink form. The drink should take the "top" of the cravings which I normally suffer badly from. My craving of choice ?? ... sweets!! The drink really helps!!! No Cravings! FANTASTIC; o) Today is exactly one month since I started. I am 30 days into the fat-reducing treatment that eliminates the unhealthy fat from the body so 60 days left until I expect to have completed this task Now, I am certainly some of you may argue that I should "bulk" up for a bikini fitness competition.
However, I will not go down that path until I have "removed" the unhealthy fats from my system. I had my body fat percentage measured (24.5%) by Lars Hoe Madsen who is known as a hardcore banana in the fitness world here in Denmark. He is vastly experienced and has teams which participate in various fitness and bodybuilding competitions. He has really been a source of training knowledge for me. I have to admit that when looking at it ….it is pretty daunting what I still have to learn in this sport but that will come with time ;o) When you think that many fitness athletes strip down to peak around 7-9 percent bodyfat when competing – it´s truely amazing! I am currently 24.5 percent so OMG.... Looooongggggg way to go! ... To start with, I will use pictures on the blog so you can follow my progress. Pictures say so much more than words and they should not be hidden away – good , bad or indifferent. They hold my motivation up to keep training .... thats for sure !!!